Des Moines Hauling and Junk Removal

Des Moines Hauling and Junk Removal

Letting junk build up around your home or place of work can be awful. It can be detrimental to the appearance and feel of a space, overwhelming and crowding it with little gain. Perhaps you have let your garage go to waste by filling it up with old junk or maybe your backyard is overrun with rotting waste. Whatever it is, it is no doubt depreciating the quality of your property, something that none of us want to allow to happen. So, if you have excess junk lingering, you should give our team a call about our immaculate junk removal services.

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About Our Team

Serving the city of Des Moines, Iowa, and all surrounding areas with the highest caliber junk removal and haulage solutions, we rescue countless people from their junk each year. Offering the most comprehensive, committed, and competent solutions anywhere around, we are widely regarded as the very best. Trusted by both residents and companies alike, everybody knows that they can depend on us for superior standards. Our crew is utterly dedicated to the causes we handle and make sure that they continue to display exceptional service, whenever called.

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Our Services

Therefore, if you have any needs for a junk removal company in your area, make sure that we are your first port of call. We offer the most comprehensive assortment you are likely to find anywhere in the state, for some of the most affordable prices, too. We can help out removing junk from sheds, garages, and basements for hoarders or evictions, just as much as we can aid with condos, commercial buildings, and even elderly housing. There is no area of junk removal out of our reach. So, all you need to do is contact us and tell us about the precise cleanout services you need. Reach out to our friends at Des Moines Cleaning Ninjas for carpet cleaning.

West Des Moines Junk Removal

If you are based in West Des Moines and require cleanouts and more, turn to us for all the support you need. At Des Moines Hauling and Junk Removal, we can cater to all your junk removal, dump run, and junk haulage needs. Be it for attics, college dorms, or even following foreclosures, it will always be our privilege to handle. That is why you can always expect higher standards when you place your faith in us.

Clive Junk Removal

Just as much so, if you live or work in the town of Clive, we can offer you all the junk removal care you have been searching for. Be it for your household or your place of work, our team will always be up to the task of serving you. Over the years, we have helped our Clive clients with every area of our field. From furniture removal and appliance removal to hoarder services and storage unit clearouts, and so much more. For this reason, whenever you decide to come to us for your junk removal needs, you will never be disappointed. 

Urbandale Junk Removal

Also, if you happen to be based in the Urbandale region, we can guarantee you just the same. At Des Moines Hauling and Junk Removal, we have plenty of experience and countless satisfied clients in the town of Urbandale, which is why you can confidently choose us for all your waste removal needs. Whether you are tidying your apartment, want to take care of trash removal in your house, or anything else in the way of junk removal, we will be there for you. So, contact us today and find out exactly what it is that we can do for you.

Johnston Junk Removal

Johnston is yet another one of the towns within our service area. A long-standing part of our clientele, the people of Johnston have long considered us the number one choice for junk removal anywhere around. So, if you too are looking for a reliable and reputable junk haulage company to come and help you, you can rest assured that we are the team to call.

Ankeny Junk Removal

Equally, we are the local favorite junk removal service provider for the community of Ankeny, too. We can assure every individual that lives and works in Ankeny of just as high-quality services as anyone else in the region. You can always depend on us for swift, prompt, consistent, and quality junk removal and haulage, at the very best rates of pricing. That is why you should contact us today if there is anything we can do for you and make sure you don’t settle for any less.

Waukee Junk Removal

And, lastly, if you find yourself in Waukee, we want you to know that you are well within our service area. Give us a call for your every junk removal, trash removal, and junk haulage needs, whenever there is anything that we can do for you. We set local standards when it comes to this industry, greatly outcompeting any other provider in the region. So, ensure we are always your first choice and take advantage of the highest caliber solutions, for the lowest prices in town.


“When it comes to cheap and effective junk removal, Des Moines Hauling and Junk Removal really are the best. I’ve been going to them for many years now and not once in that time have, they let me down. The best around and always my first choice!”

Andy R

“Des Moines Hauling and Junk Removal did a great job clearing out my garage. My husband can be a bit of a hoarder so I really needed a professional that could get the clear out done right. Luckily, by choosing them, that is just what I got.”

Tina L

“I am so satisfied with the service I was provided by the team at Des Moines Hauling and Junk Removal. It was high-quality, comprehensive, affordable, and taken care of in no time at all.”

Sebastian H

Contact Us Today

Therefore, if you have been reading through any of our services and feel as if there is a way in which we could support you, don’t hesitate to give us a call about it, today. Using the number featured on this website, you can speak directly to one of the friendly members of the crew about which one of our outstanding junk removal services is going to be for you.