Clive Junk Removal

At Des Moines Hauling and Junk Removal, we work hard to bring the highest caliber junk removal services to everybody living within the Des Moines area. As we strive to be the leading provider of junk removal and haulage in the reason, we continue to bring our services to the widest possible audience. Every member of our community is important to us, which is why we feel so committed to bringing our services to all. And, if you live in or around the town of Clive, that includes. Our team would be more than glad to offer you our comprehensive junk removal services and make sure that you always have the expert solutions you deserve.

All-Encompassing Junk Removal ServicesĀ 

Our team can take care of absolutely any aspect of junk removal for local, residential clients. Regardless of the specific type of removal or haulage you need, you can always expect the utmost quality when you choose us. We can cater to all your needs at home, even in the most extensive cases. Be it for an eviction clear out, elderly home junk removal, or simply general waste and trash removal around the home, we will always be happy to provide you with our assistance. All you need to do is give us a call explaining the specific service you require from us, and we would be more than glad to take care of the rest.

Furniture and Heavy Junk HaulageĀ 

Furniture removal and heavy junk haulage are two of the specialist areas of junk removal you can find in our team. We have the fleet, team, and equipment necessary to help you haul away any large items you have been meaning to get rid of. Whether you want to rid yourself of your old living room sofa or have a defunct washing machine waiting to be collected, we can assure you of our support. Once again, just be sure to call us ahead of time, so that we can make any necessary arrangements for the removal of your heavy-duty items.

Backyard Waste RemovalĀ 

Just as much so, if you have any organic, backyard waste lying around, we can help you take care of it in full. Following on from your backyard clear out, seasonal pruning, or any other work, you will no doubt gather a healthy load of organic debris and junk. And our team can come and collect all of that for you. Through our diligent waste handling partners, we can responsibly dispose of all types of natural material, as well as any other wood, plastic, stone, or any other materials you happen to be getting rid of.

Prompt Services

And, most importantly of all, no matter which one of our services proves to be of use to you, one thing you can always remain sure of is our commitment to prompt service. When you arrange a collection with us, our team always makes sure we arrive sharply on time. We never want to give any of our clients any hassle and so, we make sure we always produce the promptest, most reliable solutions.

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